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Tennis Ball Trebuchet Kit (No. K30256)

Project K30256

Trebuchets (treb-yoo-SHET) were once used by warriors to knock down or to hurl projectiles over castle walls. U-Dos scale model of a medieval trebuchet will launch a tennis ball up to 200 ft.

U-Do Kit
Grown, Cut and Made in the USA

The Tennis Ball Trebuchet has a weight suspended from one end of a long arm. The other end of the arm is connected to a sling. Pull the trigger and gravity causes the arm to pull the sling down a plastic chute and up into the sky. To get the maximum distance, the sling must release at the proper point of the throwing arc. This model is designed to use two two-liter water or soda bottles placed on their side and filled with wet sand for the weight. We include an earth-friendly bag to keep the bottles in place.

TennisBallTrebuchetKit-K30256-pkg (25K)

The kit contains everything (lumber, hardware, etc.) you need to complete the project minus the glue, two-liter bottles and tennis ball. All parts are cut to size and ready to assemble. The arm and axles are made of high-quality oak and the support structure is made from 2x2 pine lumber.

The frame measures approximately 30 in. by 40 in. x 30 in. tall (not including the 46-in.-long arm).

Shipping weight: 22 lbs.

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